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          LED low light failure white plastic E-100AB
          Category:LED epoxy photoelectric plastic series
          Release date:2017-08-11 13:08:24
          Low light failure white glue series: E-100A / B
          Jia Xuan Electronics provides E-100A / B white plastic is improved in the traditional white light process, is used to debug LED phosphor low attenuation glue. It makes the spot more white and more uniform, high brightness, anti-attenuation.
          First, the product features:
          1. Can effectively improve the spot (spot uniform), than the same brightness of white plastic to enhance more than 10%.
          2. High yield in mass production (strict control of glue when dispensing)
          3. Good anti-attenuation and reliability
          4. The white plastic flow is better, than silica gel or silicone glue easy to operate.
          Second, the basic parameters:
          Project   E-100A E-100B
          Exterior Light yellow liquid Colorless transparent liquid
          Proportion 25℃ 1.6~1.7 0.97~0.98
          Viscosity 40℃ 2000~3000cps 50~100cps
          Mixed viscosity40℃ 1000~2000cps
          The mixing ratio A:B=100:100(weight ratio)
          Can use time:40℃ 30~40min
          Curing conditions 150℃×1h
          Retention period 6個月 6個月
             Post-cure characteristics:
          Project Unit Results
          Volume resistance25℃ Ω.cm 5×1015
          Weight loss g/cc 2.4%
          Compressive strength MPa 14
          Water absorption   < 0.4
          Hardness SHORE . D > 90
          Glass transfer temperature(Tg) 140
          Dielectric strength   23.5
          Tg value   > 190
          Third, use:
            1. Use ratio: E-100A Adhesive: E-100B Adhesive: Phosphor = 1: 1: (0.06 ~ 0.16)
          2. Baking conditions: 150 ℃ for 60 minutes
          3. Dispensing: recommended dispensing to the convex cup is appropriate
          Fourth, save the conditions and duration
            1. Storage conditions: low temperature dry, dark, sealed
            2. Shelf life: 3 months
            3. Product packaging is divided into: 500 grams / bottle, 1000 grams / bottle, special packaging to be negotiated.
          Fifth, note:
          1. This glue is designed for the use of phosphor modulation, in use can not participate in other substances, otherwise it will lead to damage to its performance, can not achieve the desired effect.
          2. White glue and phosphor stirring evenly vacuum, please vacuum machine temperature control at 50 degrees is appropriate.
          3. The deployment of a good phosphor in a short time spent (recommended 1.5 hours), not a long time exposed to the air.
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