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          LED ordinary white plastic E-400AB
          Category:LED epoxy photoelectric plastic series
          Release date:2017-08-11 14:08:32
          Ordinary white glue series: E-400
          Hong Kun Electronics provides E-400 white plastic for low-grade LED products. It has a uniform spot, batch consistency is good, high refractive index and high brightness characteristics.
          First, the product features and technical parameters:
          project Test parameters or conditions E-400A E-400B
          Whitegrass appearance Visual inspection milky Colorless and transparent
          density 25℃/ cm3 1.08--1.16±0.01 1.15±0.01
          Viscosity 25℃ mpa.s 1500--2000 80--100
          Retention period Dry and ventilated 3 months 3 months
          Post-cure characteristics
          Project Unit or condition E-400 /
          Hardness Shore--D 90
          Volume resistance 25℃ 6.6×10 15
          Surface resistance 25℃ 3.0×10 15
          Linear expansion coefficient Cm/cm/℃ <5.0×10 -5
          TG value 130
          Second, use:
          1. Use ratio: E-400A glue: E-400B glue: phosphor = 1: 1: (0.06 ~ 0.16)
          2. Baking conditions: 150 ° C for 90 minutes
          3. Dispensing: recommended dispensing to the convex cup is appropriate
          Third, save the conditions and duration
          1. Storage conditions: low temperature dry, dark, sealed
          2. Shelf life: 3 months
          3. Product packaging is divided into: 500 grams / bottle, 1000 grams / bottle, special packaging to be negotiated.
          Fourth, note:
          1. This glue is designed for the use of phosphor modulation, in use can not participate in other substances, otherwise it will lead to damage to its performance, can not achieve the desired effect.
          2. White glue and phosphor stirring evenly vacuum, please vacuum machine temperature control in the 60 - 70 degrees is appropriate.
          3. The deployment of a good phosphor in a short time spent (recommended within 2 hours), not long exposure to the air.
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