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          Thermal grease: JX-105
          Category:Organic silicone series
          Release date:2017-08-11 14:08:43
          Thermal grease: JX-105

          JX-105 product is composed of silicone material, thermal conductivity materials, phase separation agent, thixotropic agent composed of one-component thermal grease. With a high thermal conductivity, high temperature does not flow, long put non-layered stable paste.
          First, the product features:
          product name JX-105
          Exterior white
          Viscosity(cp) Thixotropic paste
           density (g/cm3) 2.0-2.5
          tensile strength (MPa) ≥ 2.5
          Elongation at break (%)       ≥100
          The temperature range can be used(℃) -60~200
          Dielectric strength (KV/mm) 18
          Thermal Conductivity (w/(m.k)) 1.5
          Volume resistance (Ω.cm)   1.0X10 15

          Second, use:
          1, will be bonded or coated surface clean and clean.
          2, with a cap to pierce the hose seal, put on the tip of the mouth, the glue will be cleaned to clean the surface, evenly coated, will be bonded surface can be closed.
          3, after the operation, need to be unused glue should immediately tighten the cap, sealed to save. Re-use, if the seal at a little crust, please remove it, does not affect the normal use.

          Third, the packaging specifications:
               45g / support or 1kg / bottle, can also be divided according to customer needs.

          Fourth, storage conditions and time:
               Stored in a cool dry place, room temperature shelf life of 1 year

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