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          Electronic potting jewelery JX-310A / B
          Category:Organic silicone series
          Release date:2021-06-10 19:06:30

          HK-310 A / B for a variety of components potting protection. Can be deep curing, two-component mixture has a good flow, the operating time can be adjusted according to the temperature of the curing agent to add the proportion. Before use without the use of other primer, the majority of the material has a good bonding effect, its characteristics:
          ◆ two-component high transparency liquid silicone rubber, condensation alcohol type
          ◆ low viscosity, easy processing, strong operation
          ◆ excellent high temperature electrical insulation, stability set
          ◆ excellent adhesion, good waterproof, moisture resistance

          typical application
          LED waterproof drive power potting, solar components junction box, LED display, LED lighting, wall washer, bar lights and fluorescent products such as potting.

          Before curing
          Test items unit A component Component B
          Exterior --- Colorless transparent liquid Transparent liquid
          Viscosity mPa·s(25℃) 3500 100
          density g/cm3(25℃) 1.12±0.05 0.98
          After curing
          Project Unit or condition Value
          The mixing ratio weight ratio 10 : 1
          Mixed viscosity mPa·s(25℃) 2500±200
          Operating time min(25℃) 30--80±10
          Dry time min(25℃) 50-300
          Shear strength MPa 0.7
          hardness Shore A 30±5
          Dielectric strength kV/mm(25℃) ≥15
          Volume resistivity Ω·cm ≥1.1×1015

          Instructions for use
          1. Mixing: before use, A, B glue before mixing evenly, and then by weight to remove the clean container to stir evenly;
          2. Defoaming: natural defoaming (20-30min) or vacuum defoaming (-0.08--0.1MPa, 5-10min)
          3. potting: in the operation time will be finished potting pottery, the responsibility will affect the leveling. The substrate should be kept clean and dry before potting.
          4. Curing: can be cured at room temperature or high temperature curing. Curing speed is greatly influenced by curing temperature and humidity.

           Storage and transportation
          1.A, B components to be protected from light, heat, sealed preservation (can be used as non-dangerous goods transport and preservation);
          2. Store at 25 ° C for 6 months
          Special Note
          The data in this manual are obtained under laboratory conditions. Due to differences in the use of the environment, the user should refer to these data and conditions of use for analysis and testing. Hong Kun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the sale of the company's products and specific conditions of use of the company's products, do not assume any direct, indirect or accidental liability. Users in the use of the process encountered any problems, and the company's technical services can contact, we will provide you with all the help.

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