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          Electronic potting jewelery JX-505A / B
          Category:◆Epoxy Resin: JX-505A / B
          Release date:2021-06-10 19:06:46
          Epoxy resin potting: JX-505
          JX-505 is solvent-free low-viscosity potting epoxy resin at room temperature curing, curing with moisture resistance, electrical and mechanical properties. Applicable to electronic components at room temperature potting.
          First, the product features and technical parameters:
          project Test parameters or conditions JX-505A JX-505B
          Whitegrass appearance Visual inspection 黑色粘稠液體 黃棕色液體
          proportion 25℃ 1.15--1.25 0.85-1.05
          Viscosity 40℃ cps 1500--1600 100--120
          Mixed viscosity 40℃ cps 250--350
          Post-cure characteristics
          Project Unit or condition JX-505
          Hardness Shore--D 80
          Volume resistance 25℃ 1.5×10 16
          Surface resistance 25℃ 1.2×10 15
          Compressive strength MPa 8-9
          Bending strength MPa 9-10

          Second, use:
          1. Use ratio: JX-505A glue: JX-505B glue = 5: 1
          2. Conditions of Use: 25 ° C X 10H-12H or 60 ° C X 2 H
          Third, storage and transportation:
          1. sealed at room temperature 25 ℃ cool, dry place, the shelf life of 6 months.
          2. Transport process is strictly prohibited high temperature, sun, rain.
          3. Strict storage requirements Storage, away from high temperature and fire, so first-in first-out, product storage area should be no smoking area.
          Fourth, pay attention to matters
                 Once the epoxy resin hardened, it is difficult to remove. So that the tool or the reactor is cleaned with a solvent immediately after mixing, such as acetone, xylene or toluene. So that after the hardening of the device can no longer use.
                The other can be packaged according to customer demand
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