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          Crafts Jewelery JX-601
          Category:◆Epoxy Resin: JX-601A / B
          Release date:2017-08-11 13:08:48
          Epoxy resin potting: JX-601
          JX-601 low viscosity transparent epoxy resin, with curing agent HK-601 mixed low viscosity, transparency, good process. Excellent gloss and toughness after curing. Applicable to all kinds of decorations drape and fill.
          1. High transparency
          2. High gloss, flatness
          3. Excellent solvent resistance
          4. Higher tear strength
          Second, the appearance and characteristics:


          Main agentJX-601A



          Colorless and transparent

          Colorless and transparent




          Viscosity 40℃


          20~30 cps

          Flash point



          Retention period

          6 months

          6 months


          Third, the mixing ratio: A / B = 100/40 (weight ratio)
          Four, can be used: 25 ℃ × 60 minutes (100g / mass)
          Fifth, curing conditions: 60 ℃ × 1 hour or 25 ℃ × 24 hours
          Six, after curing characteristics:
          Tensile strength kg / mm2 4 ~ 5
          Compressive strength kg / mm2 6 ~ 8
          Hardness Shore D 77 ~ 88
          Water absorption% 24 hours <0.15
          Thermal deformation temperature ℃ 50

          Seven, the use of Note:
          1. Prepared in strict accordance with the ratio.
          2. Mix thoroughly and mix thoroughly into the semi-finished product for 15-20 minutes (with excellent results).
          3. When the relative humidity is greater than 85%, the surface of the cured material is easy to absorb the water in the air, the formation of white mist, so when the relative humidity greater than 85%, is not recommended to do room temperature curing, the use of heating curing.
          4. The higher the operating temperature, the shorter the time available, the faster the cure rate; the lower the operating temperature, the longer the use time, the slower the cure rate.
          5. After use, please close the lid, to avoid the quality of moisture caused by invasion.

          The above performance data is a typical laboratory environment measured by the typical data, only for customers to use the reference, and can not guarantee that a particular environment can reach all the data, please customers in use, the experimental data quasi.

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