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          The production process of glass fiber tube

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          There are three main types of glass fiber tube production process: reciprocating fiber winding process, continuous fiber winding process and centrifugal casting process. Reciprocating fiber winding process (belonging to the fixed length method): In this process, the dip tank with the rotation of the core mold for reciprocating motion, long fiber glass wire with a certain angle
          The translation movement of the dipping tank is controlled by a computerized machine-electric control, relative to the mandrel axis, and the auxiliary angle (i.e., the winding angle) is controlled by the ratio of the moving speed of the dip tank and the core speed. The number of layers is gradually increased, to achieve the design of the wall so far. After the winding is completed, the resin in the product is substantially cured. After curing, the mandrel is removed from the FRP.
          Continuous fiber winding process (belonging to continuous method): the process is the tube in the movement through a supply resin prepreg roving, chopped glass fiber reinforced plastic and resin sand mixture of the feed station, the tube is continuous in the core forward Made in the.
          Centrifugal pouring process (belonging to the fixed length method): In this process, with the cut glass fiber reinforced materials and sand, fixed in the bearing on the steel mold, in the steel mold into the catalyst at the end of the unsaturated resin, The impregnation reinforcement material, under the action of centrifugal force, the resin displacing the fibers and the air in the filler, thereby producing a non-porous dense composite material, due to the role of centrifugal force pipe wall to form a smooth, smooth resin-rich inner surface layer, pipe Cured at higher temperatures. The tube made in this way is also called glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe.
          At present, the world's use of reciprocating fiber winding process tube manufacturers than the other two production process manufacturers and more, one of the reasons is reciprocating fiber winding technology manufacturing glass pipe has a wider range of applications, the applicability is better.
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