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          Foreign packaging field development of new epoxy resin wood

          Hits:Updated:2017-04-28 14:04:42【Print】

          In order to improve the level of science and technology of the packaging industry, the world has adopted high-tech means to develop new packaging materials, a variety of innovative materials came into being. Recently, foreign packaging has developed a new type of epoxy resin "wood".
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          Canada has developed a special kind of wood with similar hardness to steel. This wood is the wood fiber by a special process, so that the fiber cross each other, and then use the epoxy resin covered in the wood surface, and then by microwave treatment. This new type of wood is not deformed, no cracking, no telescopic, in addition to packaging products, the other uses are also very wide.
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          Japan developed a kind of pouring wood, this wood is called liquid chemical wood, according to the China Epoxy Industry Association experts, is from the wood residue, epoxy resin, polyurethane casting molding. According to the requirements of packaging fixed molding, no fine.
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