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          What is the resin handicrafts

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          Resin crafts are resin as the main raw material, through the mold casting molding, made of a variety of beautiful shape realistic characters, animals, birds, landscapes, and can be made into a variety of simulation results. Such as: imitation copper, imitation gold, imitation silver, imitation crystal, imitation agate, imitation marble, imitation white marble, imitation mahogany and other resin crafts.
          Resin Crafts refers to both practical and artistic items (such as sporadic ornaments) made of handmade products in the raw materials according to the resin brand, with resin ratio in accordance with the proportion of small resin handicrafts General raw materials are: fixed resin, stone powder or Any other antique raw materials, such as imitation marble products, available resin brand, marble powder. Large resin handicrafts General raw materials are: resin, stone powder, color cream, hollow can be filled with resin waste, large resin products are generally filled with resin waste.
          Resin crafts are the following types: painted resin handicrafts, made of old resin crafts, three-dimensional painting resin crafts, imitation copper resin crafts, imitation silver resin crafts, imitation gold resin crafts, paste gold resin crafts, gold-plated resin handicrafts, imitation crystal resin handicrafts, imitation Glass resin crafts, imitation agate resin crafts, imitation of white jade resin crafts, imitation jade jade resin crafts, imitation ivory resin crafts, imitation marble resin crafts, imitation ceramic resin crafts, imitation mahogany resin crafts, imitation wood resin crafts, and so on.


          Resin crafts related process and use


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