Dental Assistant Salary: The Five Highest Earnings By State and Metropolitan Area. Another statistic that might be of importance is ranking of the states that have the highest employment for the dental position.

The dental assistant salary is estimated to multiplication substantially more than the then seven years.The subject of dentistry is continuing to make bigger in an budget wherever largely job industries are anguish. An estimate taken in 2010 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows to facilitate the dental subject is projected to multiplication just about 38 to 40 percent by the day of 2018. This increase would add just about 120,000 dental assistant positions to an industry to facilitate already has 300,000 jobs. This multiplication in this subject would moreover cause the salaries in lieu of these positions to raise remarkably.

Dental Assistant Salary: The Five Highest Earnings By State and Metropolitan Area

For persons interested in pursuing the oral assistant stand, at hand a run to of statistics to facilitate might be focal. The vast majority of those to facilitate enter the this stand wind up working in a limited clinic or dentist position. However, it would be more lucrative to these those to seek positions with the federal government or specialty hospitals if the opportunity is free. The dental assistant salary in lieu of working in these environments yield on the order of $4,000 more for every day than persons who opus in lieu of a limited dentist position.

Another statistic to facilitate might be of magnitude is place of the states to facilitate bear the highest employment in lieu of the dental stand. California, as of 2010, had the biggest amount of inhabit employed with around 44,400. Texas followed with around 20,800 inhabit employed as assistants. Finally, Illinois, Florida, and New York had connecting 17,000 to 11,000 inhabit employed in this job stand.

Dental Assistant

Being in lieu of the top five states to facilitate had the highest dental assistant salary, the slope includes:

District of Columbia

District of Columbia employs just about 430 inhabit to facilitate on regular earned $47,600 all day.


Alaska employs around 1,140 those with an regular yearly earning of $42,020.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has around 1,540 employees to facilitate earn on regular $41,600 all day.


Minnesota has around 5,320 employees to facilitate earn an regular of $41,100 all day.


Connecticut has just about 3,760 employees to facilitate earn a yearly regular of $40,100.

The top five metropolitan areas to facilitate had the highest dental assistant salary are:

Manchester, NH

Manchester employs just about 210 those to facilitate bake an regular of $46,800 for every day.

Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa employs just about 740 those and all earns on regular $44,690 for every day.

Barnstable Town, MA

Barnstable Town has just about 280 employees to facilitate bake on regular $44,570 all day.

Waterfront, AK

Waterfront has just about 680 employees to facilitate earn around $43,700 on regular all day.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco claims 2,670 employees to facilitate earn on regular $43,640 all day.

These states and metropolitan areas are the most excellent opportunities to earn the highest regular dental assistant salary. The dental industry has a wonderful projection in outlook years, even as the budget continues to struggle.

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